Thursday Track Workouts - Point Grey School and Fen Burdett Stadium

The Lions Gate Road Runners offer two regular track workouts every Thursday.

Point Grey Secondary school track, 5350 East Boulevard, Vancouver.

Our enthusiastic coach Leo Lam is there come rain, snow, or shine. He is a very experienced runner and has a wealth of running knowledge to share. The workout starts at 6 PM, so you should arrive and warm up earlier.

Fen Burdett Stadium, 1648 Jones Avenue, North Vancouver.

The workouts are led by Benoit Gignac, who has ran many events on road and trails, from 5 to 65 km. The workout starts at 6:30 PM and runners show up at 6:15 PM for warm up.

The workouts are different every week and consist of interval training and repeats of distances usually ranging from 400 metres to 2000 metres. Workouts are often based on coming events. Runners of all levels participate in our workouts, including a few in the "rehab group", either getting back into the swing after injuries or in recovery from the latest race. In any event, there are several pace levels so everyone is welcome to join the session at whatever level they feel like. The emphasis is on hard but conservative running.